1Cor 15:33 Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners.
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   What Makes a "Good" Filter?
  • Ease of Use - The most important attribute an Internet filter can offer is an easy-to-use design, making it possible for people with all levels of computer experience to easily install and use the filter to its fullest capacity. 
  • High Speed Serivce - Not much is more frustrating than a slow internet connection. Nobody wants to be brought to a crawl while online; and MyWebFilter.com will NOT slow down your connection, at all.
  • Effective at Filtering -  For any type of filter to be effective it must Allow the good and Block the bad.  MyWebFilter.com does just that by blocking objectionable material and not filtering valuable content.
  • Securely Installed - If a filter can be uninstalled easily... it will be. MyWebFilter.com can not be bypassed by the end user or uninstalled without a call to technical support.
  • Filtering Algorithm -  MyWebFilter.com uses a combination of filtering techniques, including URL filtering, keyword filtering and dynamic filtering.
  • Client-Server Based -  MyWebFilter.com offers a flexible platform which allows users to decide whether their optimal filtering solution is client (home computer) based, server (office network) based or a combination of both.
  • Foreign Language Filtering -  MyWebFilter.com is effective at filtering keywords in multiple languages. One of the tricks that many teenagers have discovered to bypass Internet filters is to type in the foreign language equivalent of certain keywords.
  • Port Filtering and Blocking -  Block or filter all major Internet protocols, including instant messengers, chat rooms, email, file sharing networks, bulletin boards and popup windows.
  • Activity Reporting -  Reports available on which websites were visited and which were Blocked.

Customer Testimonials

"Thanks for your call this morning. Setup was a breeze. My connection was so slow with the other filter, but now I am up and flying again and the filter really works this time."

- Curtis Sanders

"Yes the setup was easy, and thank you very much for providing this much needed service. It will be so much easier to web surf without worrying about pulling up garbage. Thanks again!"

- Bill Center

"My wife and I would like to thank you for providing a filter that blocks the filth but still allows her to do the research she needs for nursing. What a true blessing it is to have a MyWebFilter.com! Thanks again!"

- Rob & Terri Snyder

"Yes, both Firefox and Internet Explorer are filtered. Now we can feel safer knowing that we won't accidentally encounter pornography on the web. Thank you for your efforts in serving our Lord."

- Robert Simpson
I sure appreciate how this filter works. I had been using bsafeonline, but that can be uninstalled in seconds. What good is a filter if it can be uninstalled or turned off so easy?
- Ron G.

"I have tested many internet filters and found them lacking. Most don't block worth a hill of beans and the one that did was so slow and hard to get things unblocked it was worthless. I tried all day to disable your filter but couldn't. I don't know how you guys have done it or why the other can't but I thank God for you."

- James Koehn


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